by Paige Mercer

Love in a marriage is what makes the marriage complete. You and your spouse should show a commitment to love and marriage, thus making both last.

Reflect on the following ideas:

Self Understanding

When you understand yourself, you know how far you can go and you know how much you can take in. when you understand yourself you will also understand your spouse. You will love them with all their strengths and short comings. You will love and care for them just the way they are. You will not take advantage of the other partner when you understand yourself. Having self understanding is key to Love and Marriage- making both last.

Communication Skills

How do you communicate? How do you address your partner either in front of people or when it is just two of you? Respect is fundamental in any marriage. When you respect your spouse, others will not have a problem respecting her too because they will be afraid of hurting you. When you do this, the other party feels appreciated. Even when things are not right, choose your words carefully because words can make or break your relationship. Choose to communicate wisely because you look forward to making both love and marriage last.

In-law Intrusion

Almost 90% of marriages suffer in-law intrusion. This could be dangerous but with proper planning it can be sorted out. Never make a decision in favor of your in law. This is because the other partner may feel dishonored and disrespected. When an in law comes in between the marriage, both partners must be careful to making both love and marriage last.

Show Appreciation

Appreciate your spouse for everything – both the big and the little achievements. Ensure your partner always feels your love. In whatever he undertakes, let him or her know what you feel because though they might not show it, your decisions affect them in one way or another.

Dish out Complements

Giving complements does not cost much but it means so much. Complement each other as often as possible. Being complementary takes conscious effort. Do it every time and it will become a part of you. This way, when your partner thinks of you they know they are deeply loved and appreciated by someone special. They hold or carry you in their hearts dearly.

Have humor and Laughter

Humor and laughter make a marriage beautiful. When you are a joyful couple even when you face difficult situations, you will always come out strong. You will learn to weather through the good and the bad times as you journey through life together.

Love and Marriage- Making both last is not an unachievable task.

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