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by Paige Mercer

Love in a marriage is what makes the marriage complete. You and your spouse should show a commitment to love and marriage, thus making both last.

Reflect on the following ideas:

Self Understanding

When you understand yourself, you know how far you can go and you know how much you can take in. when you understand yourself you will also understand your spouse. You will love them with all their strengths and short comings. You will love and care for them just the way they are. You will not take advantage of the other partner when you understand yourself. Having self understanding is key to Love and Marriage- making both last.

Communication Skills

How do you communicate? How do you address your partner either in front of people or when it is just two of you? Respect is fundamental in any marriage. When you respect your spouse, others will not have a problem respecting her too because they will be afraid of hurting you. When you do this, the other party feels appreciated. Even when things are not right, choose your words carefully because words can make or break your relationship. Choose to communicate wisely because you look forward to making both love and marriage last.

In-law Intrusion

Almost 90% of marriages suffer in-law intrusion. This could be dangerous but with proper planning it can be sorted out. Never make a decision in favor of your in law. This is because the other partner may feel dishonored and disrespected. When an in law comes in between the marriage, both partners must be careful to making both love and marriage last.

Show Appreciation

Appreciate your spouse for everything – both the big and the little achievements. Ensure your partner always feels your love. In whatever he undertakes, let him or her know what you feel because though they might not show it, your decisions affect them in one way or another.

Dish out Complements

Giving complements does not cost much but it means so much. Complement each other as often as possible. Being complementary takes conscious effort. Do it every time and it will become a part of you. This way, when your partner thinks of you they know they are deeply loved and appreciated by someone special. They hold or carry you in their hearts dearly.

Have humor and Laughter

Humor and laughter make a marriage beautiful. When you are a joyful couple even when you face difficult situations, you will always come out strong. You will learn to weather through the good and the bad times as you journey through life together.

Love and Marriage- Making both last is not an unachievable task.

About Paige Mercer
Paige is a graphic designer who enjoys fitness and the outdoors. She uses mobile printers so she can work anywhere, even outside! She enjoys nature, reading and fitness. Check out her website, to learn how you can print from anywhere in your house – even outside!

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by Dr. Randy Carney

How do I get my husband to love me again?” may be your question. Just about all projects or goals of any size or importance require several steps during a period of time to complete. Projects which might be any level of complexity take time, preparation and staying with it through a number of phases over extended time periods. Setting out to get your husband to love you again is no exception. Choosing to break the destructive relationship cycle isn’t any different. Here are tips on how to get your husband to love you again in five easy steps.

Step 1. Quit Being Clingy

This will be important because when your husband feels smothered, he has a tendency to pull away. When you pull away somewhat, he will have the opportunity to initiate making contact again, like he did when you were dating. In the event you skip or ignore this, you will miss out on the opportunity for him to “pursue” you again. If there really is hope for restoration, this will be an essential step, and it will help you answer the question, “How can I get my husband to love me again?”

Step 2. Return to the Characteristics He Fell in Love With

This can be a really critical step that will need your full attention and concentration. You have to do it this way: He was attracted to you once, and he can be again. The reason why you need this is that life sometimes brings pressures that cause both of you to lose some of your earlier excitement and earlier characteristics. Remember what you used to be like. Then take steps to be that person again. Concentrate on one thing at a time. This is a good way to get your husband to love you again.

Step 3. See if Small Things Are Festering

The reason for this is to realize that little irritations can turn into big problems. Have you insisted on things that don’t really matter being your way? Maybe you need to “give up” some of your preferences.

Likewise, it is good to talk things over–things that you have avoided. Learn how to come to agreement over small disagreements..

Step 4. Find Out What He Cannot Resist

To explain and amplify on that some: It might take some new information to spice things up a little. This would be especially important if you have let the physical intimacy area of your marriage slip somewhat. He may be tempted to stray. However, if you find out what he can’t resist, you have much ammunition for winning the battle of getting him back.

Step 5. Show Him Respect

According to many studies, one of a man’s greatest needs is to be respected and admired by his wife.

There is a “love and respect” cycle in many marriages. The husband needs respect, and the wife needs love. If one fails in that area, the other is likely to react and not fulfill his or her part. This is the “destructive relationship cycle” that we referred to earlier. If you want his love again, you will have to make him feel respected.

The cycle works like this: The husband withdraws love. Then the wife withdraws respect. Then the husband resists showing love even more. Then the wife feels like respecting even less, and on and on it can go. If you want to get your husband to love you again, you will have to break the destructive relationship cycle.

Finally, assuming you have kept to the program and followed the tips well, you should have succeeded and will now have fun with the fruits of that success! You can now go on and take steps that will move your marriage toward a state of marital bliss. You could be a little bit pleased with yourself and self-satisfied! You achieved what you set out to accomplish! Savor the sweet taste of success! Now enjoy yourself and your marriage!

If you didn’t follow the tips set forth above, well… good luck anyway. You will probably need it…;-)

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The What Husbands Can’t Resist resource deals specifically with physical intimacy, but you will see that the principles help in many other areas too.

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